Announcing a Business and Design Partnership with Yasunli – Jakarta, Indonesia


Jakarta Indonesia, February. 12, 2020 – Final Aim, Inc. (Final Aim) is proud to announce a business and design partnership with PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik (Yasunli), one of the largest plastic manufacturers in Indonesia.
Final Aim will support PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastic in launching a new business line in the Indonesian market.
The 1st output by the partnership – the lighting design series – is scheduled to be launched in July 2020 when Yasunli celebrates its 40th year anniversary.

From left, Erwin Jouw, Executive Director of Yasunli and Yasuhide Yokoi, Chief Design Officer of Final Aim

PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik is one of the largest industrial plastic manufacturers in Indonesia. Established in 1980, Yasunli has 306 units of injection machines that are spread among 6 factories located in Jakarta and are being operated by more than 5,000 employees. Yasunli has served high-quality plastics to multi-national companies such as Astra Honda Motor, Epson, Sharp, Gojek and Grab.

In 2020, Yasunli will celebrate its 40th Anniversary, and in alignment with the theme, Yasunli has decided to partner with Final Aim to challenge new endeavour to the B to C business with a target of lighting and lifestyle category. Final Aim will support Yasunli’s new B to C business line from business strategy, brand and category strategy, product design development, and mass-production.

By combining Indonesian manufacturing technology and craftsmanship with Japanese design touch, the partnership aims to become the leading pioneer in the Indonesian market.

The initial public release and the press conference of the partnership and the new business line concept was held on the 12th of February, 2020, at Ocha & Bella, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

More than 70 media gathered at the press conference

Exclusive interviews

Presentation by Yasuhide Yokoi, Chief Design Officer of Final Aim

The Presentation Slides and Scripts:

“Hello, my name is Yasuhide Yokoi, an industrial designer and a Chief Design Officer of Final Aim from JapanWe are a design partner company of Yasunli. For this last part, I would like to explain about Yasunli’s new business line that will be launched this 2020.
In this presentation, I will be explaining the overview and the concept. The final design and the actual products will be released in the next press conference in July.”

“Firstly, before getting down to the main agenda, I would like to briefly introduce about myself. After the introduction, I would like to explain the overview of the new business line. Then, I will go through the background and aim. After that, I will hand over to Adeline and she will talk about the product concept. Lastly, I would like to mention about the schedule for the upcoming launch.”

“Let me make a quick introduction about myself. Once again, my name is Yasuhide Yokoi, an industrial designer and a Chief Design Officer of Final Aim.The company is located in Tokyo, Japan, and we cooperate with large companies and startups, accelerating ambitious ideas & technologies to great business & design. As an industrial designer, I involve in not just the aesthetics of products but wide areas from business strategy, concept making, hardware development to final mass production.”

“Previously, I have collaborated with numerous clients from global Japanese companies to leading-edge startups, such as Toyota, Honda, Nikon, Olympus, Kokuyo, Dentsu and Hakuhodo. The industry covers a wide range such as mobilities, electrical appliances and stationeries. As my principal, I put emphasis on designing sweet spots between business, technologies and user insights, sculpting them to the maximum of its potential. I am very proud and honoured to be chosen by Yasunli, as a long term design partner company for this new project.”

“Now, I would like to get down to our main agenda – the introduction of Yasunli’s new business line. This new business line activity was established in alignment with the Yasunli’s 40th Anniversary Theme – “Growing Together”. The new business line will make use of Yasunli’s 40 years of industrial and professional experience, as a one-stop plastic production solution, which the company has been increasing, the quality of life of Indonesian people.”

“Specifically, Yasunli will be entering into a new domain – B to C. Yasunli will launch a new series of products into the lighting and lifestyle category. As Adeline will describe later, we will be launching many different types of lighting, with a whole unified story and product design. Furthermore, not just for 2020, but we have the roadmap of expanding this series in the next 3 years. Yasunli will be releasing new products every year, and will become a comprehensive lighting company.”

“Let me explain the background and aim of this new business line. As a corporate vision, Yasunli holds: “Shaping Life Together”. And, not just B to B – which has been and will be the core strength of Yasunli – but also entering into B to C domain and providing high-quality products to all general consumers, will empower the advancement of achieving this corporate vision. We will create one-of-a-kind products by combining Indonesian manufacturing technology and the power of Japanese design.”

“ Let me also explain why we have chosen lighting and lifestyle category for our target.
Formerly, Yasunli had launched lighting products in the past, and it has been the DNA of the company ever since. Also, needless to say, Yasunli possesses deep know-how and experience in the plastic technology that has been evolved and inherited over the long years. The plastic functional property and emotional characteristic have high synergy with the lighting products. By integrating the Japanese design touch, we wanted all people to enjoy and obtain the benefit of Yasunli’s craftsmanship to the maximum in daily life.“

About Yasuhide Yokoi | Chief Design Officer of Final Aim:

Yasuhide Yokoi – “Yasu”, born in Japan, grew up in Australia – is an industrial designer highly oriented to designing sweet spots between business, technologies and user insights, sculpting them to the maximum of its potential.
He possesses deep know-how on creating meaningful user experience by form, colors, materials, finishes, and manufacturing processes. He has collaborated with various types of clients⁠ – from early startups to MNCs – and a wide range of industries such as automotive, digital appliances, furniture and industrial equipments.
MNC clients that have worked with include Toyota, Honda, Nikon, Olympus, Microsoft, Autodesk, Kokuyo, Dentsu and Hakuhodo.
Received multiple design awards: iF, Red Dot, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, etc.

Full portfolio is as below.

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